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Destiny Demands Diligence

You have to press and pursue if you want to see the promise!  In the past, this has been an area that has tripped me up. Being a visionary, I would love to come up with new, creative projects, but then would run out of steam and faint before I saw it come to fruition. The single greatest reason that good dreams fail is because we give up before the dream is realized.

Be prepared to fight for your dream!

The Greek word for victorious is nikao (3528) which means to overcome, to be victorious (as a result of wearing the full armor of God); to have the guaranteed victory; prevail, to subdue. Wow! What motivation to press on to the end. The battle is fixed and you are destined to win.

Don’t be a quitter! All it takes is diligence and commitment (whether you feel like it or not) to see destiny fulfilled. That’s the true mark of Christ-like character.  So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing, if we don’t give up.

The Declaration

I speak forth victory into my life.  I thank you Lord for going before me in all of my battles.  I proclaim I am a champion and I persevere to the end.  Jesus is my hero for he was diligent and committed to seeing His destiny fulfilled.  I lay aside the weights that try to slow me down and discourage me (Hebrews 12:1).  I will run my race with endurance for the joy of the Lord is my strength.


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