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How You Can Make 2013 Your Best Year Ever


By Stacia Pierce

I‘m sure you’re ready to go now, it’s 2013 and I know you’re feeling like it’s one of those years where you must make things happen! Maybe you’re feeling the urging to finally profit from your purpose, to answer your call, to do what you feel like you’ve been destined to do.

I want to talk to you about making this year your best year ever.  I know sometimes it’s a cliché…However, I believe that 2013 is a pivotal year. It’s the year of accountability. It’s the year that we get help.

Listen closely, because this is my prediction for this year. I was spot on with my foresight in 2012 and 2011…now I’m sharing with you that this is the year to GET HELP.

Let me explain to you how you can get the help you really need. My inbox was flooded New Years night with people asking me to mentor or coach them and how to get signed up right away. This was a FIRST.  People usually just say “Happy New Year” or report that they’re working on their goals, but never before have I gotten messages from so many people asking for help.

Why are people seeking help? Why do they feel that it’s time to finally do something?

I know that as the economy has transformed and changed, it is time to finally profit from your passion and step up and take your rightful place. And I know that you’re feeling that there’s a season and a door of opportunity for you. Yes, that time is RIGHT NOW.

There is an awakening to do what you were called to do to profit from your purpose!

Here’s how to get help:

1. Be humble – Admit that you need the help. This is when you can really start getting the help you need.  In the past you may have said, “I can make this happen by myself!” but now this is a new year. Since you want better results admit you need help, then go out and get it!

2. Be teachable – When the student is ready the teacher appears. It’s time you become a student again. Most people don’t even know what they need to know, that’s why getting a coach is huge in your transformation. A coach can tell you where to shift things, what to focus on and how to get the right stuff done so you can finally get a breakthrough and achieve your goals.

3. Be an investor – This is big…you have to be willing to pay for help, to invest in your increase. No investment means no advancement! No big breaks, breakthroughs or barriers will be removed without an investment! Be willing to pay for your help. The transformational help you want and need, is NOT FREE.  You must invest to advance in your life and business.

Whatever level you are on right now, whatever playing field you’re on…you are playing the game that you have made the investment to play. If that level isn’t big enough, then it’s time you invest to go further in your business.

My life completely shifted and went to another level when I finally said, “I need help.” and became teachable. I also declared that I wasn’t going to be too cheap to make an investment in myself.  I quickly made an investment to get the help that I needed.

That’s why my inbox was flooded on New Year’s because people have finally come to the conclusion that they have to invest to advance. They’ve tried working it out alone and have reached a plateau. So they are seeking the help to get to where they want to go.

If you want to have big transformation, get big breaks and big breakthroughs or  remove big barriers out of the way, you will need to make an investment. I hear stories and watch biographies about successful people and what it took for them to finally start making it big. The common denominator was that they had to make an investment with money, time, and energy. They were willing to do what others weren’t willing to do, so that they can rise to the top.

Those who invest in my coaching programs often tell me immediately they start seeing increase of money, clients and recognition pouring in as a result of what they learned in the program.

4. Be Big…Yes Be Big

It’s time to go big now. Know that you are worthy enough and capable enough for success right now in this moment.  That’s why I put together the Go Big Coaching Program, to help you get more done in the first eight weeks that builds momentum for the rest of your year.

This program works and has successful graduates because…

  • The accountability factor: You’re accountable everyday for your actions.
  • It’s action oriented: It makes you take fast action. In this course you’re told exactly where to take action and how to do it for maximum results.
  • The wealth attraction accelerators: They tell you what to do every day to attract wealth into your life.
  • Every lesson sets you up to go bigger and bigger!

You’ll start this program in one state and accelerate your success in a short period of time. You’ll end on a super successful high! You will finally understand the foundational principles to achieve success on many levels for the rest of the year.

2013 is the year for accountability and to get the help that you need to go big.

These principles in this article will work no matter what, and you can meet and exceed your goals this year when you invest for next level information.  I look forward to seeing you in the Go Big Coaching Program and hearing your tremendous success story over the next few weeks.

Stacia Pierce publishes The Success Report weekly ezine with 10,000+ subscribers. If you are ready to live the good life, make more money and grow your business, get your FREE CD and 6-week coaching system now at www.LifeCoach2Women.com


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