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5 Simple Steps to Reinventing Yourself



By Stacia Pierce

Many people look at the new year as a time for new beginnings; a chance to start fresh with new goals, plans and dreams. There are some key ways you can capitalize on this energy and excitement so you can start the year strong and build momentum as you go.

How your year will end up is largely based on how it starts—which is based on you. You can reinvent yourself and your life if you are truly committed to the process. I am going to share with you five simple keys to creating a new you. Here’s to your best year ever!

1. Ponder: Take time for self-reflection and self-evaluation.

Creating a new you begins with doing a reflective examination of yourself. What habits do you need to change? What old habits will you let go of and what new habits will you form this year so you can be more successful? In what areas did you fall short in last year? How can you ensure that doesn’t happen again this year? Journalize your thoughts and answers to these questions.

You have to make an internal decision once and for all to be your best self. Learn from the mistakes of the previous year, and then let them go. Be confident in who you are—I hereby deem you worthy of an amazing year. Now declare it for yourself! Say, “I am significant. I am worthy of great things!”

2. Plan: Write your vision for a new you.

Make a list of all of your goals for this year—everything you want to accomplish, see, experience, acquire and become. Don’t limit yourself. Write down everything that comes to mind. Challenge yourself to think bigger. Don’t downsize your goals; instead, upsize them.

Now, review your list and begin to plan out your year. Even if you don’t have the means to make everything happen immediately, plan for it. For example, if you desire to take a trip to Hawaii, look at the calendar and choose a month to go. Do as much preliminary planning as you can for each of your goals. Act as if things are happening for you right now!

3. Prepare: Get organized and get informed.

Order precedes increase. It will be impossible to create a new you if your life is full of chaos and clutter. You must get yourself organized in every area of your life. Clean and organize your house, your car, your closets, your office, your desk and your files. Throw away old makeup. Get rid of all the apps you downloaded to your phone and don’t use. Go through your computer files and folders. Eliminate anything that is no longer needed. The more order that you create for yourself, the more you will find clarity, answers and direction toward reaching your goals. It will be much easier to focus in on your exciting year to come!

Preparing for a new you also means getting new information. We are in the Information Age, and things are changing at a rapid pace. You must constantly seek to stay informed and in-the-know in whatever areas interest you. Determine what new magazines you need to subscribe to and which ones to let go of. Write down a reading list and determine what books you will read each month of the year. Begin to build your library now and flood yourself with new information.

 4. Partner: Build your network—and get a coach.

Expand your connections and begin to associate higher. Get into circles of people who are achieving great things. Begin with your current acquaintances, and expand from there. It’s OK to be a little intimidated by those who are very successful, but don’t let that stop you from reaching out to them. Invite someone who is an expert in your field out for lunch or coffee. Be armed and ready with questions, and then be quiet and listen. Soak up their wisdom and make sure to express your appreciation for their time.

Besides building your network, a good coach can be vital to your personal and professional success. A coach can give you insight; ideas, strategies and action steps to ensure you reach your highest potential. They can provide guidance, clarity, wisdom and direction. If people who are at the top in their industries keep themselves accountable to a coach, then it’s time you think about doing the same. Open yourself up to the coaching process. A great coach will take you farther than you can take yourself alone.

5. Push: Take fast action.

Don’t wait on your ideas. Instead, get started and move on them—today. By taking fast action, you will start seeing results right away, which will propel you to keep working toward the next goal, and then the next, and so on. On the contrary, if you write your goals for the year and then don’t look at them again, you will only feel deflated and in turn, hinder your progress. Determine that you will keep pushing and keep pressing this year until you meet all of your goals. Act fast, and act daily. Take action every day in a new way. Do something productive each day.

Your success in will depend on how fast you act. It is the key to continual results and greater success. Don’t wait for the perfect conditions, but implement new information and ideas as quickly as possible. Commit to this process and don’t look back!

Once you activate these 5 simple secrets to reinventing yourself, you will see positive change and improvement in every area of your life like never before. Get excited! Today is the first day of the new and improved version of YOU!

Stacia Pierce publishes The Success Report weekly ezine with 10,000+ subscribers. If you are ready to live the good life, make more money and grow your business, get your FREE CD and 6-week coaching system now at http://www.LifeCoach2Women.com


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