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Week 1 – The Power of Forty: Enlarging Your Capacity

Lenten Season 2013 Book of the Month

Reading Schedule:

Day 1 – Wednesday, February 13

Day 2 – Thursday, February 14

Day 3 – Friday, February 15

Day 4 – Saturday, February 16

Day 5 – Monday, February 18

Some key points for week 1’s reading include:


  • Your words, thoughts, and decisions impact the atmosphere, just as much as the atmosphere around you impacts what you think and say.
  • As soon as you are “born again” by the Spirit of God, a new life begins – a new journey of discovering and becoming your truest, most authentic self.  Your divine self, created in God’s image, infused with His very nature.
  • Begin the metamorphosis of being changed from one degree of glory to another.  The message translation says it like this:  “Our lives gradually becoming brighter and more beautiful as God enters our lives and we become like Him.” 2 Corinthians 3:18
  • If you are to grow as a person, you must be aware of your internal dialogue – what your thoughts are telling you about who you are now and who you are capable of becoming.
  • Embrace your personal responsibility to discover your purpose, mission and assignment in life.


  • Gaining a greater capacity to acquire new wisdom, capitalize on opportunities, and maximize your potential requires getting rid of those things that are weighing you down and distracting you from your life’s purpose.  You need to get clear of whatever is obstructing your pathway to fulfilling your best destiny.
  • If the stream of living water is going to flow unencumbered from the Source to you and then through you to the needy world around you, every hindrance to that flow must be eliminated.
  • Sometimes we are our own worst enemy.  Are  you sabotaging your own success by the thoughts you think?
  • The ultimate purpose of The 40 Day Soul Fast is to run a diagnostic on the life of your soul and purge whatever is keeping you from being more productive and useful.


  • The number 40 is associated with repentance and realignment.
  • God wants to give you a new context for living.  He wants to change the pattern of your thinking by realigning your thought life.
  • Your physical body is the holder of your potential and is the means used to advance you in God’s Kingdom.  Do you need to change the way you treat it, bringing your physical and emotional health into alignment with God’s ways?
  • Invite the Holy Spirit to guide you into the truth about yourself – all the truth.


  • Cleansing and aligning your soul prepares you spiritually, emotionally, and mentally to bring the seed of purpose planted in you to complete fruition and to deal with the enemy’s plan to uproot it.
  • Do not settle for living a mediocre life characterized by limitations and restrictions.
  • Jesus embraced His time of preparation over a 40-day period too and passed His three tests in the desert by relying on Scripture and refusing to settle for anything less than His destiny.
  • Ask God to give you new eyes to to see opportunities and the mental, spiritual and emotional preparation to overcome opposition.
  • What is the one thing you can change that will change everything?
  • If you plan to live an authentic life, and to both become and do all that God has created you to be and do, it will take commitment.


  • At the end of this 40 Day Soul Fast, God is going to send a new you to a new place.
  • Forty empowers you with the grace you need to step out and take firm hold of your future.  It will expand your capacity to see beyond your present limitations and to focus on the promise of future possibilities.
  • You need to wake up and see the light about who God has called you to be in Christ.  The greatness He has seeded in you with His own Spirit – the power you wield because of that Spirit working in and through you.
  • God’s blessing on your life can’t be hidden; He sets you on a lamp stand to expel the darkness in this world where you were created, gifted and anointed to make a difference.
  • Don’t draw back when destiny calls.  Take firm hold of what God has called you to do in faith.
  • Living true to your self and greatest potential takes patience and perseverance.  People may not immediately see growth, but with the help of God, you will emerge as the great soul and admirable person you were created to be.
  • Growth is a process and does not happen overnight.  You must be steadfast and unshakeable in your faith.
  • Patience is a fruit of the Spirit that you can cultivate simply by spending time in the presence of god – or rather, by letting the presence of God spend time in you.

Feel free to share how week one is coming along for you by commenting below.  You may also send any prayer requests to info@purposeandpowerbookclub.com


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