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Week 3 – The Nature Of The Soul: The Essence of You


Reading Schedule:

Day 11 – Monday, February 25

Day 12 – Tuesday, February 26

Day 13 – Wednesday, February 27

Day 14 – Thursday, February 28

Day 15 – Friday, March 1


  • The soul is that aspect of your whole being that correlates, integrates, and enlivens everything going on in the various dimensions of your self – things like your appetites, ambitions, thoughts, and motivations.  It’s what makes you, you.
  • You also have a spirit, which God intended to openly communicate with Him and rule over the soul and body.
  • When the spirit, soul and body are out of order, you become governed by exterior forces rather than the inner stream of God’s Living Water.
  • He can only bless you in proportion to the condition of your soul.
  • Another primary reason for pursuing a 40-day fast is to develop the characteristics of discipline.  You will need to exercise the art of discipline if you are to master the art of living authentically.  A disciplined life in God will produce the fruit of the Spirit.


  • Where is there a breakdown between what you believe and how you behave – the Word in your heart versus the words that come out of your mouth?  Is the kingdom within you divided?
  • How does the geography of your soul look?  Do you need to establish order, repair the power lines, or just mend some fences?
  • The 40 days of Lent, as with any fast, are a period of time set aside for keeping the main thing the main thing – for focusing on what is important in our lives as children of God.  It is so important that we don’t get distracted by “do’s” and “dont’s”, but rather the power of hoping and believing in Christ as evidenced by our love for one another.


  • Your soul was designed to keep pace with God, walking in a rhythm of going out and coming into a place of rest.  A body that isn’t rested demands to be heard, ego craves greater power, and increasing passions and appetites begin to rule the soul.
  • Sleep and rest were ordained by God because He is a God of balance.
  • The Sabbath provides access to the inner rhythm of creation itself, where the soul can be weaned from the world’s control and mentored by God.  It is a time to be your true self; not a role you play.
  • Stir up the unique expression of God’s glory and grace He has woven into your soul – the divine essence of your being.  Call out and celebrate those things that make you uniquely you.
  • Be grateful for the gift God created you to be!  Rejoice in the wonder and majesty that is you.


  • It is God’s intent that you are to represent Him on this Earth, to image Him wherever you are.  The word rule means “to govern, manage or steward,” implying that you are to carry out the wishes of another.
  • God wants to give you power to activate your authority to do great things for Him.  It will necessitate a soul – a mind, will  and emotions – fully conformed to the image of Christ so that the picture you present to the world is an accurate representation of Him.
  • When Jesus was leaving this Earth, He told the disciples in Acts 1 that they would receive power and were to be His witnesses – they were to represent Him, act on His behalf, and show others what He looked like, just as He showed the world what God the Father looks like.
  • Dream big, knowing that through you God will reveal Himself – and in doing so, your own true self will be revealed.  After all, you were made in His image, made to reflect His likeness, to manifest His glory.
  • It is passion that gives you eyes to see what is possible and the fortitude to pursue it.  Passion will cause you to take risks and stand against the odds.
  • The things you are passionate about are God-given desires.  God’s desires in you will move you out of the egocentric, self-centric realm you would otherwise occupy.  They cause you to live on a higher plane and tap into the dimension of supernatural ability and resources.
  • When you are in the passionate pursuit of something, you connect with the mind of God and His creativity.  Passion is the driving force of purpose and the fuel you’ll need to maximize your potential.
  • How can you harness the power of your passions to establish yourself, take dominion, and stand your ground?


  • Disaster happens when your soul becomes organized around feelings.
  • God wants to help you reorder your spirit, soul and body so that you can effectively discern and manage what you are feeling.  God desires to restore your emotions, replacing them with positive feelings associated with love, joy and peace  – and heal the negative images and lying interpretations that satan whispers in your ear about who you are and who God is.
  • Try to feel what God feels in any given situation – whether it is compassion, sadness, or ecstasy.  Tuning into what moves you, grieves you, or elates you will increase your capacity to live more authentically.
  • Without joy, you can’t be strong.  Your soul won’t be healthy.  You will be rendered weak and vulnerable.  Whenever the enemy steals you joy – and therefore your peace – he emaciates you and breaks down your emotional immune system, leaving you vulnerable to attack.
  • Joyfulness makes all of the other spiritual fruit flow effortlessly.  It empowers you to be your most divine self.
  • Jesus came to empower you to maximize your joy because joy is your key to victory and a more vibrant and satisfying life.

Feel free to share how week three is coming along for you by commenting below.  You may also send any prayer requests to info@purposeandpowerbookclub.com


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