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Week 5 – The Importance of Identity: Becoming a Master by Mastering Your Mind

Lenten Season 2013 Book of the Month

Reading Schedule:

Day 21 – Friday, March 8

Day 22 – Saturday, March 9

Day 23 – Monday, March 11

Day 24 – Tuesday, March 12

Day 25 – Wednesday, March 13

Some highlights for week 5 include:


  • Who are you really?  Have you ever asked yourself that question in earnest?  Most of us are so focused on what we do day-today – often struggling to meet the expectations of others – that we don’t stop to ask who we are created to be.  I am convinced that if we focus more on our character – beginning with the 40 characteristics I’ve outlined here – rather than our career or the company we keep – we would be living more meaningful and impactful lives.
  • Who are you?
  • Your faith will empower you to endure.  Exercise your faith by believing God will provide what you need to overcome any obstacles – declare what you need and confess victory over the hindrances keeping your authentic self from shining through.


  • God wants you to stop hiding and come openly and boldly to Him.  No more masks, no more pretending, no more fear.  It’s the authentic you He lovingly invites into the best future you can imagine!  Authenticity is based on living in agreement with what God says about you.
  • Start seeing yourself as God sees you – beautiful!
  • It’s an attitude of gratitude that determines the degree to which you will be able to live true to your authentic self.
  • Gratitude for your unique combination of strengths, abilities, and special gifts will enable you to stay true to your calling.  What unique role has God created you to fulfill?  What has God set you apart to do that only you – being you – can do?  Be grateful for where God has placed you, what He has you doing , when He has you doing it, and who – as in the unique expression of His own image – He is causing you to become.


  • Minimize your weaknesses while capitalizing on your strengths.  This is vital to the health of your soul and essential to your empowerment.
  • To be a weapon in the hand of God can be a frightening thing.  Rather than embrace your destiny you may deny your potential.  What a loss to the world! Be strong and courageous! The battle belongs to God!  It is your destiny!
  • Every morning you awaken to unlimited possibilities.
  • Your destiny is decision-oriented.  If you do not like where you are, make a decision to be somewhere else.  If you do not like what you have, make a decision to have something else.  If you do not like the way your life is, make a decision to live the life you’ve always dreamed of.  You are always only one decision away from living the life of your dreams.
  • What do you hear God saying about who He has called you to be?
  • Paint a picture in your mind of your greatest possible future – write down what you see.
  • Time in the Word and in prayer will take you up higher, where you can get a wider, more scenic view.  Press into God.  Put on the mind of Christ.  Become “possibility-minded.”


  • Sameness isn’t a Kingdom principle, but connectedness is.  We do not all have to be the same to be connected.
  • As you journey toward authenticity, you must have a strong sense of identity – you must know who you are!  Being confident in who God has called you to be is vital to the health of your soul and essential to your empowerment.
  • But who does God say you are?  Who did He create you to be? Pray about who God has called you to be – ask Him to show you your identity in Him, because when you have a sense of that, you will find the courage to dare to live authentically.
  • Your authentic, divine self is the seed of greatness God put on the inside of you – the deposit God made when He formed “Christ in you, the hope of glory” (Colossians 1:27).  Embrace the glory within you.  Engage it and cultivate it by mindfully doing whatever you do to the glory of God.  It is how you present your life as a living sacrifice – “your reasonable service” – that is the truest form of worship (Romans 12:1).
  • Don’t strive to live up to anyone’s expectations other than God’s – this will empower you to identify yourself based on your potential rather your past experiences.
  • If you are to fulfill your destiny of reigning on this earth as a king and priest, you must be “constantly renewed in the spirit of your mind” (Ephesians 4:23)
  • If you were truly living as a king and priest, or even simply as a “new creation in Christ,” how would that look?  How would it feel?  How would you be different?


  • God is an endless source of power for becoming your true self, the authentic you God is waiting to reveal.  Fasting positions your heart and mind to be expanded as you throw off those things that are clogging up your soul – then you will have room to receive the power the Holy Spirit makes available to you.
  • An understanding of purpose is essential for authentic living, not only understanding your divine purpose overall, but also living purposefully – or being purpose-minded.
  • Write down what you hear God saying about His purpose for you in the season you’re in now.  Pay close attention to what God’s Spirit is speaking to yours.
  • Be intentional.  Be purpose-minded.

Feel free to share how week four is coming along for you by commenting below.  You may also send any prayer requests to info@purposeandpowerbookclub.com


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