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Week 6 – The Power of Words: Healing the Hole in Your Soul

Lenten Season 2013 Book of the Month

Reading Schedule:

Day 26 – Thursday, March 14

Day 27 – Friday, March 15

Day 28 – Saturday, March 16

Day 29 – Monday, March 18

Day 30 – Tuesday, March 19

Some highlights of week 6 include:


  • Eating and meditating on God’s Word, letting it form in you and shape you into a conduit for His purposes in the world, demands focused attention on the diet of your mind – not a simple task in a world full of words.  Operate in the power of words by legislating, asking, sowing and blessing.
  • Are you living according to the script God created for your life?  You are a letter written by Christ.  Your life is a “wide open book” so make sure you pay attention to what it is saying.
  • The integrity of steel is determined by the stress and weight it is able to bear.  When you are under pressure, what is revealed?  Do you remain strong and immoveable when it comes to who God has called you to be?
  • There is something God has hidden within you that may only be revealed through crisis or difficulty.  Like a diamond that is formed under great pressure – or a stone made smooth by friction – or gold that is refined by fire.  Whatever it is, it will be used to bless others.  What are the circumstances in your life that are making you stronger?  What is tempering you and testing your integrity?


  • Jesus, as a representative of His King, had the authority and power to speak a word and the ordering of events and actions would take place.  You, like Adam and Eve, were created as a speaking being, to rule and have governing power as a representative of your King.
  • You are an element in God’s plan to reconcile the world back to Him.  You do that by presenting your body parts as weapons of righteousness – including your mouth – so that as you speak you will bring the will of God to Earth.  Jesus taught the disciples to declare God’s will be done on Earth – that the spiritual realm would manifest itself in the material realm.
  • You will never live up to your potential without the ability to legislate with your words in the spiritual realm, bringing God’s will for you to Earth and warring against the forces of evil that would hinder it.  But God isn’t going to entrust such power to anyone unwilling to take responsibility for a heart free of wrong motivations, for out of the heart the mouth speaks.
  • A heart aligned with God leads to right thoughts and words, which open the door to power that can bring water from a rock.  You have the authority and power to legislate on behalf of the King of kings!  Getting a hold of that one truth will change your life forever.
  • It is up to you to guard your heart, govern your mindset, harness your thoughts, discipline your behavior and direct your words.
  • The degree to which you respond to God and to His call on your life will determine the degree to which you live authentically.  Likewise, the degree to which you have taken responsibility for your own destiny will determine the degree to which you fulfill your purpose and maximize your potential.  Are you called to make a difference in this world?  Are you called to make a lasting impact?  Become someone God can rely on to be responsive and then take that responsibility seriously.


  • God has given you the right to approach Him with bold confidence and persistence, believing that He is good and knows how to give good gifts.
  • The Holy Spirit, often described as bread, is the fulfillment of everything you could ask for.
  • As we journey toward authenticity, we are striving to peel away the falsehoods, facades, and other fetters that keep us from maximizing our true potential.
  • What is keeping you from total expression of all that you were meant to be, to do, and to accomplish?  What are the weights, doubts, fears and other encumbrances keeping you from fully expressing your divine self?
  • What is the work the Lord has given you?  What has He assigned you to do?  You will have to answer these questions if you are to maximize your potential in that area.  Yes, you have the potential to do all sorts of things, but you need to focus on the thing God has assigned you alone to do.   Identify the gifts God has placed within you and invest in developing them.  This should be a priority.
  • Ask God, “What is my assignment?”  Ask yourself, “What have I invested in maximizing my potential in that area?”  Envision what your potential maximized would look like.  Now, imagine how it might look with God working in and through you!  Ask God to show you, and then ask Him to do it!


  • If you are to fulfill your destiny and become your authentic self, the law of sowing and reaping must be mastered, beginning with your thoughts and your words.  Focus on words you say to yourself, even if only in your mind.
  • A sower knows that the soil makes all the difference.  Your character is like soil for seed.  God is going to give you new ideas and new visions when the soil of your mind is ready and prepared.  Your mind must be prepared and in agreement with who God says you are so that you can take the land of your destiny.
  • Ten of the spies had unprepared minds and two were fully ready to receive what God wanted to give them.  The ten saw themselves as grass-hoppers, totally disconnected from the truth of who God had already said they were.  They died in the desert, placeless and devoid of purpose.  The other two, Joshua and Caleb, had received the same truth, but planted it firm in their thinking and were ready to act, to take the land or promise.  They had a full life of leadership, prosperity and legacy.
  • Sow truth in your mind and prepare the soil.  God’s Word is truth.  Don’t just put a little in your mind, but sow bountifully.
  • Authenticity has to do with honesty – do you always speak the truth?  Do you say one thing when you mean another or misrepresent what you are truly feeling or thinking?
  • How “free of error, mixed motives, or hidden agendas” are you living?  How transparent is your life and speech?


  • The priest in the Old Testament had the responsibility to first bless the Name of God and then to bear the needs of the people to Him, asking for blessing and provision.  He combined his words with hope and expectation that God would, in response to those words of blessing and praise, act on their behalf – that He would bless them.
  • You have the power to use your words to accomplish the same thing in the lives that God brings across your path – to speak life-giving words that forward yourself and others along.  Words of encouragement, identity, vision, kindness and purpose, showing compassion and gentleness even to your enemies or others who are undeserving or ungrateful will make a difference.
  • Your seed, or words – are the necessity of life to others.  When God moves you by His Spirit to speak blessing, do it.  You have no way of knowing what harvest God is going to bring from them.
  • Compassion is love in action.  It comprises mercy, kindness, generosity, justice and patience.  It represents the nature of God and God’s heart for social justice.
  • I encourage you today to check your compassion meter.  Open your heart and mind to those in need around you and explore how you might respond to those needs.  Speak a blessing into the lives of everyone you encounter.

Feel free to share how week six is coming along for you by commenting below.  You may also send any prayer requests to info@purposeandpowerbookclub.com


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