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Week 7 – The Power of Doing: God’s Chosen Fast

Lenten Season 2013 Book of the Month

Reading Schedule:

Day 31 – Wednesday, March 20

Day 32 – Thursday, March 21

Day 33 – Friday, March 22

Day 34 – Saturday, March 23

Day 35 – Monday, March 25


Some highlights of week 7 include:


  • After God blessed Adam and Eve, He told them to get going – to be productive by managing all that He had created and increasing it.  There should be little doubt that basking in a stream and eating grapes all day wasn’t what God in mind.
  • Detoxing your soul must deal with the poison accumulated from words with no action to back them up.  Living your authentic life is a journey of exploits, not a destination.
  • If you dare to live authentically, you will be required to demonstrate honor and humility.  In fact, without developing this trait, you will never be able to show the Lord your God the honor and respect He seeks from those who love Him.  The Bible says that to honor the poor and elderly and outcast is to honor Him.
  • God is a God of honor.  He is honorable and worthy of honor.  So, too, should you be in all you do.  Be imitators of your Heavenly Father and show respect for not only those in authority, but for those who seem inferior or unworthy.
  • You cannot “demand” respect, but only “command” it by taking action on behalf of others.  To what degree do you command respect?    Are you a leader others look up to because you are respectful – as in “full of respect?”


  • You need to surround yourself with people of understanding to help draw out what God has planted deep within your soul to do, to see what you might miss, and to help you stay in touch with reality – not allowing yourself to be tricked into only seeing what you want to see.
  • Choose wisely who you join yourself with, because research has proven that even people three degrees removed from you can have some influence on your happiness, health habits and in other life-directing areas.
  • As you journey toward authenticity, you cannot separate the intents, motives, and desires residing within your heart from your behavior.  Aligning your thoughts, words, and actions with your higher purpose – as well as the greater good – requires loyalty.
  • A person who is not loyal is unsettled and unstable.  God cannot reward such a person.  The degree to which you show yourself loyal to God – faithful, obedient, and God-fearing – will determine to what extent you are able to live authentically.
  • If you want to lock arms and do life with quality people of understanding who are trustworthy and loyal, you will have to prove yourself loyal.


  • The time you spend to purify your soul and reconnect with the energizing power of God opens the door for you to act in such a way that others see God at work.
  • Without establishing your credibility – your believability – you will never be true to yourself.  There’s no deception worse than self-deception! You must hold yourself accountable for your own legitimacy, genuineness, and yes, authenticity.
  • If you are to be successful in any arena or pursuit in life, you must be credible – or, as we said, believable – because ultimately you are the product.  You are the dream, the service, the idea, the message, even the Gospel made flesh.


  • It takes disciplined thinking to make choices and create boundaries that leave space and time in your life for the truly important things.  
  • Plans and schedules are important, but you shouldn’t be chained to them.  Opportunities are seldom scheduled.  So leave some space in your agenda to allow God to interrupt your plans.
  • The highest priority on your list must always be staying connected to the Presence of God and listening to His still, small voice.
  • Examine your life.  Where might the enemy have a foothold in the door of your soul, causing you to stumble in some area?


  • Jesus is charged with the task of seeing that you become upright and whole, and He promises not to miss a detail.  That is what He came to do in your life.  It does require, however, for you to will it.
  • What you do can be as toxic to your soul as what you think or say – your actions have as much power to pollute or purify as your thoughts and words.
  • Cod’s chosen fast is a call to do what is right – it is a call to “do justly, and to love kindness and mercy”.  It’s a call to honor God by living ethical and moral lives.
  • Learning to harness the power of holiness by doing things God’s way – by developing strong, moral character – will bring you true success and freedom.

Feel free to share how week seven is coming along for you by commenting below.  You may also send any prayer requests to info@purposeandpowerbookclub.com


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