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Fulfilling Our Call As Intercessors – Book Review

Book Review – ‘Til Heaven Invades Earth by Dr. Cindy Trimm

‘Til Heaven Invades Earth provides a snapshot of the assignment God requires of us as His kingdom ambassadors and intercessors. I used this text as a book club selection and required reading for a webinar on intercessory prayer and prophetic dance.

Dr. Trimm invites us to become more sensitive to the needs and injustices we see everyday, and say yes to God in prayer with the Holy Spirit to become part of the solution. She uses the story of Esther to make it clear to us how we, as Christians, must spend time with our King in worship and also embrace our call as intercessors in order to see the Father’s desires manifested upon the earth. One quote from the book that summarizes this call to action is:

“The underlying purpose of all prayer is to become our authentic selves. We do that by putting aside life’s distractions and daily demands to spend time with God getting His plan for our lives, His plan for how we can impact our communities and His plan for how we might heal the nations of our world. It is about presenting the issues of the world to the Father and letting Him teach us how to be part of the solution. It is about taking our places as children of God to stand up for not only the human beings who don’t know Him yet and those brothers and sisters in need of His blessings in their lives, but also the oppressed, the hungry, the enslaved, the exploited, the poor and the underprivileged.”

Overall, this newest release from Dr. Trimm differs from her others in that the focus of this one is on intercessory prayer. She provides tips on enhancing your private prayer time and an outline to help us create our own strategic prayer plan for intercession. ‘Til Heaven Invades Earth provides a good start for those looking to become more disciplined in their call to intercession and for those desiring to partner with organizations that are leading the way to put an end to some of the social injustices that plague our world today.



To access the webinar teaching from the “Points of Power for Prophetic Dancers series”, be sure to visit:  https://www.anymeeting.com/702-735-170/EE57DF898348


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