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Step Out and Take Your Place – Author Interview and Book Discussion

It’s time to step out.  Are you ready?
Join us in reading “Step Out and Take Your Place”, and hear author Krista Dunk share her heart about the book and how you can discover the fullness of your gifts and calling.
The expression of your gift is an act of worship to God.” —Krista Dunk

Friday, December 27, 2013 – 9 pm EST

Registration is free!  Visit http://www.anymeeting.com/PIID=EA50D982874A30 to receive dial in instructions.

Order your book today:  www.StepOutandTakeYourPlace.com 

December 2013 Author Interview

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Fulfilling Our Call As Intercessors – Book Review

Book Review – ‘Til Heaven Invades Earth by Dr. Cindy Trimm

‘Til Heaven Invades Earth provides a snapshot of the assignment God requires of us as His kingdom ambassadors and intercessors. I used this text as a book club selection and required reading for a webinar on intercessory prayer and prophetic dance.

Dr. Trimm invites us to become more sensitive to the needs and injustices we see everyday, and say yes to God in prayer with the Holy Spirit to become part of the solution. She uses the story of Esther to make it clear to us how we, as Christians, must spend time with our King in worship and also embrace our call as intercessors in order to see the Father’s desires manifested upon the earth. One quote from the book that summarizes this call to action is:

“The underlying purpose of all prayer is to become our authentic selves. We do that by putting aside life’s distractions and daily demands to spend time with God getting His plan for our lives, His plan for how we can impact our communities and His plan for how we might heal the nations of our world. It is about presenting the issues of the world to the Father and letting Him teach us how to be part of the solution. It is about taking our places as children of God to stand up for not only the human beings who don’t know Him yet and those brothers and sisters in need of His blessings in their lives, but also the oppressed, the hungry, the enslaved, the exploited, the poor and the underprivileged.”

Overall, this newest release from Dr. Trimm differs from her others in that the focus of this one is on intercessory prayer. She provides tips on enhancing your private prayer time and an outline to help us create our own strategic prayer plan for intercession. ‘Til Heaven Invades Earth provides a good start for those looking to become more disciplined in their call to intercession and for those desiring to partner with organizations that are leading the way to put an end to some of the social injustices that plague our world today.



To access the webinar teaching from the “Points of Power for Prophetic Dancers series”, be sure to visit:  https://www.anymeeting.com/702-735-170/EE57DF898348

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Webinar Series for Prophetic Dancers – October Training Class

Registration for the October training and book discussion is now open!  Go to the link below to reserve your seat today and receive a $5.00 tuition discount through 10/11/13 with coupon code Esther.


Ready to operate in the gift of prophetic dance and be used by God to restore hope & wholeness to hurting souls?  Do you want God to use you as part of the solution to some of the world’s problems we hear each & every day?  Well, I’ve created a webinar series just for you.

  • You will glean wisdom from the lives of women in the bible
  • You will be challenged to expand into prophetic movement & intercession.
  • You will discuss key points from Cindy Trimm’s book, “Til Heaven Invades Earth”.
  • You will receive access to the recording, a class assignment to be submitted & a letter of completion for your dance ministry training.

Register & reserve your seat today!

See you in class,

Valisha A. McFarlane


September 2013 Book Selection

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September 2013 Book Selection


You are invited to:

  • Glean wisdom that will help enhance your gift of prophetic dance
  • Understand more clearly what the Lord requires of us as worshipers
  • Be inspired into a deeper relationship and divine partnership with the Holy Spirit


Be a part of this webinar series and book discussion!


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Tele-Seminar Recording: Points of Power For Prophetic Dancers


Listen to the recording and learn three points of power for prophetic dance




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Summer Reading Series – June Selections


Our summer reading list starts off with two selections for June.  Run to the nearest bookstore, or better yet, download these books to your tablet or e-reader and get ready to kick back and clarify your purpose!

For This Cause I Bow My Knees by Rekesha Pittman

Summer Book 2



Prepare To Receive More! By Benecia Ponder

Summer Book 1

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Week 8 – Sealing the Healing: The Cleansing Power of Love

Lenten Season 2013 Book of the Month

Reading Schedule:

Day 36 – Tuesday, March 26

Day 37 – Wednesday, March 27

Day 38 – Thursday, March 28

Day 39 – Friday, March 29

Day 40 – Saturday, March 30

Some highlights of week 8 include:



  • If you’re not motivated by the love of God flowing through you, you will seek something for yourself – praise, recognition, favor, or a sense of being loved in return.
  • Your heart must be set free in order to love without asking for anything in return.  A soul healed and made whole – set free from the tyranny of self is critical to restructuring the world for good through love.
  • God not only gives you eyes to see the need, but also provides the means for you to do something about it; your part is to do it.
  • The great news is that when your heart and soul experience the love of God and you pass that on to others, your body and mind are actually changed as your heart speeds up its communication with the mind and body as it pulls every system into rhythm with it.
  • Justice is about what we do on behalf of others.
  • A person who has a sense of justice treats others with fairness, is respectful of the rights and needs of others, and is non-partial when it comes to showing kindness and mercy.  This person will feel compelled to intercede on behalf of those less fortunate or speak up on behalf of someone who is being treated unfairly.
  • We should not get so preoccupied with our own lives that we neglect our duty to pursue justice on behalf of all.
  • What can you begin doing today to “serve people” and make sure evil does not thrive unopposed?


  • Jesus saw people so differently than the world sees them, accepting and loving them where they were and tolerating their weaknesses even as He loved them into more than they could imagine or ask.
  • To live out your destiny and impact the world on God’s behalf, you must not only accept other people where they are, but be grateful God has caused you to cross paths.  What do they have to teach you?
  • Tolerance is not about condoning undermining and evil behavior, immoral lifestyles, or unethical dealings, but is about the ability and capacity to embrace the differences in others as well as their right to choose their destiny, beliefs and convictions.  It is understanding that God has given each one of us the freedom of choice and each one of us must choose the path we take in life.  God gives all of us the freedom of choice.
  • How are you harnessing the power of tolerance to change the hearts and lives of those around you?  In what small way might you show a little more tolerance?  Don’t underestimate the power of tolerance to change hearts and circumstances.  When you exercise tolerance, you are exercising your faith in the power of God’s goodness to soften hearts and His grace to overpower evil.


  • Where you take your stand and live out your destiny is determined by who God has called you to be.  A “king and a priest” is called to a group of people, not a project, and certainly not the whole world.  You will burn yourself out quickly if you try to be everything to everybody.  Your thoughts and energy will be diluted.
  • We have talked about the importance of demonstrating morality, justice and tolerance.  As we grow toward authenticity, our lives become and more transparent, requiring us to rise to an ever higher standard of accountability.  Becoming more authentic, more genuine, more “real” requires a deeper sence of truthfulness, honesty, and honor.  Our truest intentions are revealed.  Our integrity is tested.  Our credibility is established.
  • Stand up for what you believe in.  Those whose hearts are upright before God will be required to stand up on behalf of those who can’t stand up for themselves – to stand up for the oppressed – to stand up against evil!  Let your life make a statement by taking a stand.
  • Ethics is a call to action.  What are you doing to “show forth” the goodness of God?


  • Whether you love people by giving financially, by sharing your wisdom and knowledge, or by exercising your gifts and talents, your life is directly united to others and is interdependent on their reciprocating acts of love toward you.
  • The more authentic we become, the more interdependent we will be.  As the dividing walls and facades come down, we learn to trust in and rely on one another – we realize we need each other to complete one another.


  • You are the seed planted by Jesus in a field – a treasure for others to find.  You are the pine nut who starts out full of potential seen only by the Creator God and yet, nurtured by His ways, grows into a huge tree of like in which others can find a secure place to birth and foster their young dreams.
  • As you become your true self and tell your story to others, you become part of a cloud of witnesses, a city set on a hill whose light shines brightly and who collectively witness to the love of God for the world! So let your light shine.
  • It’s about living and working together so that we can make this world a better place for everyone.  When you build community, there is no big “I” and little “you”, but simply “we” and “us”.
  • Community requires that we walk in love with one another as we each strive to become our best and most authentic selves.  It calls us to represent Christ, to be walking epistles – the word made flesh, the hope of glory that Christ, alive in you, is to a dark and dying world.
  • From this day forward, how will you shine a little brighter?  Describe what that might look like and the affect it could have on the people you encounter.
  • Authentic Christians are persons who stand apart from others.  Their character seems deeper, their ideas fresher, their spirit softer, their courage greater, their leadership stronger, their concerns wider, their compassion more genuine and their convictions more concrete.  – Bill Hybels

Feel free to share on your total Soul Fast experience.  Have you noticed transformation and an increase in your love walk?  You may also send any prayer requests to info@purposeandpowerbookclub.com

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